Kaidi Kitchen

OPEN DAILY: From 12Noon to 4PM, From 7PM to 11PM


Opulent prison cells, cheerful Kaidis and a seductive aroma that permanently hangs in the air; we're a bit of a twisted fantasy, you would think. We would like to confide in you our response to that thought. Yes, we are.

We have an explanation, of course. Firstly, we believe that fine dining is an art. And we craft this art with uttermost passion and joy. Our Kaidi chefs concoct a meal, with extreme attention to detail, to meet each of our customers' gastronomical whims and fancies. Which is also why, Kaidi Kitchen's menu features a motley of diverse cuisines; North Indian, Thai, Mexican and Italian. There is much to choose from on our list of mocktails, which customarily, contains sinful levels of deliciousness.

Ergo, a lot of savoring to do. It is an imprisonment of sorts, mainly indulgence. And the decor captures this sentiment quirkily, with the prison-inspired cells and the Kaidis serving as props. It isn't just dining anymore, it is an experience that is to be relished delightfully.

So come, inhale the aromatic scents and taste the ambrosial meals. Get arrested. Because, may we ask, why the hell not?